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meaning | ˈmēni ng |
what is meant by a word, text, concept, or action
intended to communicate something that is not directly expressed

| ˈmēni ng fəl |
having meaning
• having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Beauty of Oprah

So let's pause for a moment and consider Oprah's contribution to the world outside of the topical discussion of the day. Throughout history and any given day in your life, there are voices that awaken you.

That awakening may be a new perspective or as simple as a new way to organize your living room. The point is that this change in awareness came about through another person. In this case, it came about through the world of communications that is Oprah. And regardless of what you think about the topic of the day, this introduction of new information into your life is a potential seed of change.

We all can't be Oprah, but we can learn from this simple model of sharing. Creating and sharing with others is elemental to the human condition. And while we may quibble over what is the right topic to share, we can reflect on the divine nature of this exchange. We are all creative, spiritual beings that are called to create that which did not exist before and share it with others in our lives.

It is said that, "to give is better than to receive." We often say this around holiday moments in our lives, but is this not also true in our everyday existence? In those moments when we have helped someone without expectation, we catch a glimmer of the true love of humanity.

With the pace of life increasing at a breathtaking pace, it is sometimes difficult to see the benefits of our sharing. And that is the crux of the problem. When we do not receive feedback from our sharing, we wrongly assume that there was no value given or received. But this is merely our egoic Mind trying to logically control our life. When we let go of the expectation associated with our giving, we shift our consciousness to a more spiritual state. And in this loving exchange without expectation, we find ourselves experiencing the same love that we found when we helped someone.

What Oprah has done is built a worldwide system for sharing. Her messages touch more people than could ever possibly provide her feedback. Yes, her production team surely monitors how this content is received, but beyond the qualitative measures that guide the show there is an expression of sharing that goes beyond the commercial enterprise. And I would argue that her success comes directly through the value of sharing.

As spiritual beings, we too can find ways to share with others in our life. Try it out today by simply sharing something you've learned with someone else. I think you'll be surprised how this small act of generosity can spark change. And we all could use a bit more spark in our lives.


Darwin Stephenson
Author of Inspiration Divine

in reference to: Oprah.com - Live Your Best Life - Oprah.com (view on Google Sidewiki)

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