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meaning | ˈmēni ng |
what is meant by a word, text, concept, or action
intended to communicate something that is not directly expressed

| ˈmēni ng fəl |
having meaning
• having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Pursuit of Truth

I'm struck by how much we accept as truth without ever considering the details behind the stories. From politics to religion and further into the fabric of everyday existence. We're sold a story, we ignore the facts and then we embrace the pitch as the truth.

Before you start thinking that I'm referring to 'other' people being duped by the allure of the pitch or that I'm attacking your ideology, take a step back and consider how our brains take in and process information. We are incapable of considering every bit of information that we experience, let alone store everything for a later consideration. As such, we ignore much more than we experience so that we can cope with the overwhelming amount of information we take in. And this is why we quickly assess a situation, make our conclusions and move on.

What this means is that we are quick to make conclusions so that we can free up our Minds to consider other situations. Our survival instinct seeks to keep our Minds uncluttered so that we can think through the next situation presenting itself to us (e.g. a tiger trying to eat us). No wonder we are hardly willing to reconsider conclusions we've already resolved. To do so would be wasteful of the precious energy we consume thinking.

And so when our politicians tell us a story of our survival being in peril (e.g. weapons of mass destruction, nearby countries conspiring against us, swine flu, etc.), we quickly take in the available information, consider the available options and render a conclusion which then represents the truth.

Do you remember when people were banning the purchase of products from France because the French opposed our war against Iraq? Are those same people still not consuming French products now that more information is known about our tactics and motives?

My point is not to judge Humanity for quick conclusions or to say that we're all dopes. I'm more of the opinion that slowly we're becoming a nation of awakened beings. The ways of the past are slowly eroding with more and more people questioning. By asking questions, those that are entrenched in their beliefs will be uneasy. For our questioning undermines the foundation upon which their (maybe your) beliefs are based.

So I ask you, "What if it all were untrue?"

How would you cope if everything you believed to be true were revealed to be untrue? Not just those that believe in established ideology, but also those of you that have branched out to consider alternatives. What if it all were untrue?

Would you still find meaning in life?

Could you still have a passion for living?

Might you still bring forth creativity?

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