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meaning | ˈmēni ng |
what is meant by a word, text, concept, or action
intended to communicate something that is not directly expressed

| ˈmēni ng fəl |
having meaning
• having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Are you afraid of the Dark?

As I read various books, blogs and speakers on Spirituality I'm dumbstruck as to how close they are all circling around the same concept. Like bees buzzing around a flowerbed, extolling the benefits of honey and describing sweet nectar but never quite landing on a flower. I'm really not trying to be critical here but rather I'm honestly amazed at the synergistic knowledge that is brewing between these seemingly disconnected Spiritual gurus.

As we take stock of our human existence, we need to take a new look at our role to play. You are here for a purpose and the sooner you wake up the the responsibility of being here for a purpose the better. The better for you, but more importantly, the better for all of Humanity. The cosmic joke that is being played out on Humanity is that we are merely passive observers of the Universe rather than active participants. When we humble ourselves to the point of being ineffective, we absolve ourselves of all responsibility to make a difference in the world.

In this we believe that being Socially, Environmentally and Spiritually conscious is an option. We fool ourselves into believing that we are good because we care, rather than understanding that this call to care for each other and the planet is actually a responsibility that we all collectively have been assigned. Woven into this paradigm shift is a calling to wake up to the purpose you play in relation to the Universe itself.

The Universe is vast beyond comprehension. Do you know that our Universe was born some 13.7 billion years ago? Our collective human history goes back a few thousand years. We differ and argue about what happened 2000 years ago but in the grand picture of the Universe itself our understanding of just about anything is so incredibly small.

And despite this vast chasm that exists between our experiential knowledge and the immense history of time, we are experiencing an emergence of like minded wisdom that is bubbling up in all walks of life. The threads of commonality that are woven into the postings of awakened souls are just beginning to unfold the true wisdom that awaits us.

So how does one boil this down to an understanding of purpose? I'll tell you that the answer is not simple and yet it is elemental. And in order to understand your purpose you must first understand Humanity's purpose. To that, you need to first explore the dark:

The "dark" that I'm referring to is both Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Together they comprise 96% of the Universe in which we live. Our 13.7 billion year old Universe is comprised of 96% of something that mankind is only beginning to understand. And we as intelligent life forms living on planet earth are directly related to Dark Energy and Dark Matter in a way that is purposeful and causal in the Universe.

What we human beings are awakening to is our purpose in the Universe and our relationship to God. The two are more connected than we've ever understood but in this new understanding we are beginning to uncover our role in both the sustainability of life and the role we have been called to fulfill.

In 2009, all will be revealed. For now, explore your relationship to those around you and seek to understand the cause and effect relationship you have to everything.

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Lisa said...

Fascinating. Loved the video, and I had never heard of Ted.com. What a great website, I love this kind of stuff!