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meaning | ˈmēni ng |
what is meant by a word, text, concept, or action
intended to communicate something that is not directly expressed

| ˈmēni ng fəl |
having meaning
• having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose

Monday, October 20, 2008

Interesting Week

This is one of those "sharing" posts that probably won't have the polished result of a focused blog post. What I mean to say is that I'm expressing a stream of consciousness because I believe the information that I'm sharing to be of value but I'm not sure what is of value. Does that make sense? So if you're looking for insightful teachings you may want to check back in a week.

So the week that I'm referring to started with a physics lecture in San Francisco. As many of you know I follow some rather interesting folks on Twitter and occasionally tweet my thoughts as well. A while back Arial Waldman tweeted about an upcoming talk about Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Now you may think that sounds rather exotic or boring but, in reality, these two elements comprise most of our Universe. In fact, the matter that we understand (e.g. you, me, planets, the sun, etc.) only comprise 4% of the entire Universe. The rest is made up of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Thus if you think we understand quite a bit about the Universe or physics you might want to reconsider when you realize that much of the Universe we don't have a clue about.

I, however, have been given a clue. Through my afflatus I know what creates Dark Energy, how Dark Energy is created and our relationship to Dark Energy. Thus to sit down and listen to the Chair of Stanford's Physics Department talk about the world's understanding of Dark Energy is quite a treat for me. I have to admit, prior to this lecture I understood Dark Matter too but couldn't put it to words. It is as if I knew the answer but not the question. And, in this lecture, the question connected with the answer. The thought completed without my logical application of deductive reasoning.

You'll note that I'm not simply blurting out the facts, figures and descriptions of Dark Energy and Dark Matter in this post. Mostly that is because they're not able to be understood out of context. I'm working on a body of work which puts these "answers" into context. The purpose of this body of work isn't to reveal the source of Dark Energy but rather our relationship to Dark Energy. Thus to post it here would benefit a handful of physicists but the rest of you would largely not be interested. Especially if you find yourself saying, "Dark what?"

The relevance of this post exists in the search for the source of Dark Energy, its relationship to Dark Matter and their symbiotic relationship in the Universe. Despite the world's top minds searching for these answers they fail to recognize that the answers are simple, right in front of them and Universally relevant. I don't say this to fault them but rather to make the point that the answers we seek are all around us. We just fail to see them.

The week ended by dropping in on an Ashram. I'm refraining posting which Ashram because I believe that they are on a path and do not want to influence their progress. This particular Ashram is rather close to me but it requires a bit of driving to reach so I had yet to visit it. However I had a business meeting on Saturday which resulted in me driving by the Ashram on the same day they were having a retreat for their members. I was invited to stop by and, even though I couldn't get there until it was almost finished, I paid them visit.

As I walked in a group of about twenty-five members were sitting in the meditation room in a circle. They were discussing how to create a gnostic community and I sat down precisely when people were offering suggestions on how to achieve this goal. And while I do not believe that gnosticism is the answer, I sat quietly and listened to them offer advice to one another on how to connect to God, quiet the Mind and pursue a Spiritual existance.

What was intesting is how many truths and mis-truths flowed from their mouths. In combination, the truths revealed themselves as overlapping agreements. However, as the Mind was driving each of their expressions, the group seemed to be missing the truths that were revealed. Part of this is because mankind fails to realize that the Mind is biased and gets in the way. Thus when we think, speak and communicate we express truths and mis-truths. Only in comparing and contrasting the messages can one find the overlapping truth.

I say this not to criticize or judge the members of this Ashram. They surely are on the path and in speaking many truths will find it. I bring this up in sharp contrast to the pursuit to understand Dark Energy. The sign posts are all around us in both situations. However they both also illustrate how the mis-truths hide the answer.

I too share this shortcoming as my Mind is as biased as yours. Only when the Mind becomes complete can it be trusted. And since we are incomplete, we can't always trust the Mind. But in the pursuit of understanding overlapping truths we can distinguish the answers that are all around us. And this, in itself, is an awakening.

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